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NOT A COLLECTIVE was founded with the intention of lending space and support to artists and their projects and to produce shows that would bring people together in an intimate setting.

In a time where sharing physical space with others is no longer a reality and  NOT A COLLECTIVE is unable do what I hoped it could do for others, we still wanted to maintain our platform as a place for artists thoughts and work to have a voice.

We have created a new space, one that will continue to try and support artists by giving them a place to voice their thoughts in hopes of keeping people connected during this time.

This platform will feature interviews with various artists specialized in a multitude of disciplines. We get to talking with some incredible individuals about how they are dealing with isolation and how they have been adapting to this new way of living—both personally and creatively.

We hope you enjoy reading these isolated thoughts just as much as we enjoyed recording them.


Stay safe and connected,

Juliette Coleman


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